The new generation marketing tool.

Let your customers pay with their eco-friendliness.

Amaze your customers and attract new ones by letting them pay with their eco-friendliness.

Add the greencent to your offer and catch their attention.

Make yourself visible on our app as soon as you publish one offer in greencents.

We measure the eco-friendliness of our users, reward them with greencents and make them your customers.

Adopt a new generation loyalty system based entirely on the eco-friendliness of its members.

How does it work?

We measure the eco-friendliness of our users in the mobility and food sectors according in a systematical, transparent and scientific manner.

We reward them 1:1 in greencents: 1 kg of non-emitted CO2 = 1 greencent.

They can spend their greencents with our partners: restaurants, caf├ęs, shops, bike repair workshops, cultural and sport venues, mobility services providers etc.

We provide you with a dual accounting in your currency and CO2 savings every month.

You may use our reportings for marketing, HR, tax or compliance purposes.

Stand out against your competitors!

Accept the greencent as a means of payment.
Incentivize individuals to perform eco-friendly activities around you.

Partner with us to gain visibility through traditional and social media.

Make eco-friendliness visible, convenient and attractive both for you and your customers.

Enter a new era by accepting a currency reflecting CO2 savings.

Join us!

Get in touch with us to talk about the implementation of CO2mmon within your concept! Being eco-friendly has never been that easy, fun and convenient.