For partners

A new generation marketing tool

We provide you with a very innovative marketing tool based solely on CO2 emissions spared by our users, which we convert into loyalty points they can use with you, giving you the possibility to develop your green image and acquire customers while showing that you care.

Add a green touch to your business
Every single one of your products and services can be considered from the environmental perspective by estimating the CO2 emissions caused by their production and/or usage. Let’s incorporate this information via a reward to clearly show to your customers the impact of their choices and reward them for taking the eco-friendly path.

Loyalty systems based purely on money are passé. Climate change and the upcoming digital currencies are disrupting money more than you think. Let’s be ahead of this game by accepting a currency reflecting CO2 emissions in your offer as loyalty points. Highlight your eco-friendly products and services, attract a clientele with a high purchasing power.

Subsidize eco-friendliness around you
By accepting the Greencent as a means of payment, you incentivize individuals to perform eco-friendly activities around you to get the rewards you are offering them. We provide you with a way to make eco-friendliness visible, convenient and attractive both for you and your customers.

Who can be our partner?
You become our partner as soon as you accept the Greencent as a means of payment in order to acquire our users as your customers. Our partners can thus be:

  • Businesses such as shops, cafés, restaurants etc.
  • City administrations
  • Event organisers
  • E-commerce-websites
  • Public transportation operators
  • Companies offering mobility services
  • Cultural and sport venues
  • And many more

One condition only: offer eco-friendly or climate-neutral products and services against Greencents. You determine the price and further components of your offers; you can edit or delete them at any time.

Join us!

Get in touch with us to talk about the implementation of Common within your company! Being eco-friendly has never been that easy, fun and convenient.