Let us monetize CO2 together.

A new generation loyalty system.

We measure and reward the eco-friendliness of individuals in the mobility and food sectors.

We have already started converting CO2 savings into a currency accepted by our partners: users can pay with their eco-friendliness.

Our partners use us as a marketing tool to stand out, and attract and retain customers or employees.

The greencent is at the heart of our venture: it stands for a reward for 1 kg of non-emitted CO2.

Companies and businesses strive for visibility as well as a green image more than ever after the Covid-crisis and with rising prices.

Our achievements so far.

We have 8 partners in Budapest, Paris and Munich, i.e. businesses accepting the greencent as a means of payment.

The Android and iOS apps are live.

We are discussing with a large German city about the implementation of CO2mmon within their public transportation system.

We are a team of six with very complementary sets of skills and multicultural backgrounds.

We are also discussing with a crypto company about implementing tools such as wallets, a blockchain, a digital currency and smart contracts for the greencent system.

The time is now.

Climate change has become our issue number 1.

No efficient system has been developed so far to mitigate it.

The need for such as system is huge, and it will neither come from big corporations, nor from governments.

We must reconcile the economy with the ecology, today with tomorrow, $ with CO2.

Our mission is precisely to monetize CO2 savings in order to implement market ecology.

Get in touch!

We need funds to dedicate ourselves 100% to CO2mmon and scale quickly with the idea of the century. Contact us if you want to discuss about it with us.