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We monetize CO2 by providing a compliance and marketing tool in the form of a new generation loyalty system based only on CO2 emissions of activities performed by individuals.

A new generation loyalty system
We measure, reward and report reductions of CO2 emissions resulting from activities performed and decisions made by individuals for the benefit of organisations who can demonstrate that they take measures to lower their CO2 emissions to comply with the regulation and/or consumer demands.

A disruptive marketing tool
Our partners can acquire new customers and highlight their eco-friendly products and services by making offers on our app against our native currency: the Greencent. Whether you are a company, a shop, an event organiser, a café, a restaurant, a bakery or a city administration, you can let your eco-friendliness shine on Common and attract a valuable audience.

We monetize CO2 emissions
Common allocates Greencents to users according to the “1 Greencent = reward for 1 kg of non-emitted CO2” principle. For instance, since a car emits 138 g of CO2 per km on average in urban areas, if a user rides a bike for 1 km, she gets 0.138 GC as she spared 138 g of CO2 by choosing her bike over her car. The Greencent introduces thus the disruptive concept of a currency dedicated to a usage and conveying both value and information. The Greencent is meant to be a digital currency.

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