For employers

An innovative way to incentivize your employee eco-friendliness.

We provide you with an innovative, systematic and convenient way to prove that you take measures to curb your CO2 emissions by harnessing the efforts of your employees while developing their loyalty.

Employees are the new frontier
Now that most companies have optimised their industrial processes, it’s time to incentivize employees to take the eco-friendly path in their job-related activities. But wait! What about banks, Universities, administrations, insurance companies, e-commerce websites…? They don’t even have industrial processes! Yet they must also take measures to lower their CO2 emissions, like every company. All companies have something in Common: employees. Let’s start here.

Make the eco-friendliness of your employees visible and valuable
Some of your employees are already using the bicycle or public transportation to go the office? They will be our early adopters. You want a higher proportion of them to do so to reduce parking spaces for instance? We can incentivize them to make this decision more often. Let’s measure, reward and report all these “carless” journeys for your benefit. So, you can claim that you are doing something to reduce your carbon footprint. Not only because you must, but also because you want to.

How do we make it worth the trip?
We foster systematically our user motivation through three gamification principles:

  • we show them their impact: our users get a small summary of the amount of CO2 emissions they spared after each activity;
  • we allocate them Greencents: a financial incentive is usually welcome and catches at least people attention;
  • we let the eco-friendliness of our users shine: users take part in rankings individually and per team.

We will organise moreover challenges to encourage them to use Common regularly and show the other participants how eco-friendly they are.

We emit certificates
Since we measure the reduction of CO2 emissions and allocate 1 Greencent for every spared kg of CO2, we can edit regular reports of allocated Greencents and thus spared kg of CO2 by your employees. Use our reports to show your shareholders, public administrations, your employees and customers or the whole world that you are doing something against climate change. Here and now.

Join us!
Get in touch with us to talk about the implementation of Common within your company! Being eco-friendly has never been that easy, fun and convenient.

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