CO2mmon Festival

Get rewarded for purchasing food with a low CO2 footprint in Spring 2022

Collect 1 Greencent every time you spare 1 kg of CO2 when ordering food from our partner restaurants, cafés and bakeries in Munich from April 1st till June 30th 2022! The eco-friendlier the meal/food product, the higher the reward. You can also get Greencents by cycling.

How does it work from March 5th on?

  1. Download the Common app.
  2. Look at the map in Munich to find our partners.
  3. Order food from one of our partners on site (live) from April 1st on.
  4. Show your app when you are settling the invoice to get your Greencents.
  5. Spend your Greencents with our partners!
  6. You can also collect Greencents by cycling as soon as you have installed the app and registered, even before March 5th.

Get the app for Android now and very soon for iOS.

Interested? Register here!

Are you a business owner?
Check our CO2 Buffet for Partners.