CO2mmon Festival – Partner

Make eco-friendliness part of your menu!

Let us introduce a new currency into your menu/offer: the Greencent. The Greencent is a reward for 1 kg of non-emitted CO2. Every time your customers order food with a lower CO2 footprint than the average of its category, for example desserts, they get Greencents according to the CO2 footprint of the ordered/purchased meal/product.

Take part in CO2mmon from April 1st till June 30th for free!

How does it work?

  1. We calculate together the allocation in Greencents for each of your meals/products according to their CO2 footprint.
  2. You make at least one offer in Greencents to be visible on our map.
  3. You make CO2mmon visible in your venue and/or your menu.
  4. You transfer Greencents to your customer every time they order/purchase eligible meals/products.
  5. We stay in touch during the whole event and make an assessment together at the end.

Register here until March 21st
and we will be in touch

Example of the menu 2.0 of a Bakery