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Make the market ecology come true.

Common vision is to implement market ecology, an economic and monetary system in which environmental externalities caused by the production of goods and services are systematically displayed and taken into account in pricing according to a commonly agreed upon methodology and it is thus financially advantageous to design, produce, market and purchase goods and services with a low, non-existent or positive environmental impact.

Common Values

Common is about measuring and rewarding your eco-friendliness in terms of kg of CO2 spared by the activities you perform

Green coins are allocated through clearly defined and communicated rules and can be spent at our partners against products and services
User friendly
Common is made to be easy and fun to use: you may start by choosing the activity you want to perform or the deal you want to get

Common team

Common founding team is a truly international quartet of entrepreneurs with very relevant technical and business backgrounds and experiences.True diversity, on a personal level as well as in terms of expertise and competences, is a key strength. Common team combines product, technical,UX, commercial, financial and general management skills.
Enée Bussac
CEO, Common Germany
App Manager
Dénes Bernáth
CEO, Common Hungary

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Our 2021 Roadmap

1st February: set up of the new team
February and March: preparation for pitching days
1st April: first contacts with potential customers in Munich and Budapest
1st May: first MVP and LOI
1st June: first tests with employers in Munich and Budapest
1st July: Common app V0
1st August: founding of Common GmbH and Common Kft
1st September: crowdfunding campaign in Munich and Budapest
1st October: start of incubation program
1st November: first investor on board
1st December: launch of public transportation module
31st December: 1000 users, 5 customers and 20 partners
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