We monetize CO2 savings

What is CO2mmon?

CO2mmon is a new generation green loyalty system. Our app measures and rewards your eco-friendliness in activities such as cycling, using public transportation or purchasing food. You can redeem the Greencents you earned for eco-friendly products and services offered by our partners.

Download now for Android and very soon for iOS.


Download the C02mmon application

Register, log in and make basic settings. You can register as an individual and if you like the CO2mmon app, recommend us to your employer to get the full version.


Perform eco-friendly activities and get Greencents

Ride a bike or use public transport instead of a car, and CO2mmon rewards you with Greencents 1:1 according to the amount of CO2 you spared through your ride.


Spend Greencents with our partners and let your eco-friendliness shine!

There are many eco-friendly products, services, cultural and sport events waiting for you. Redeem your Greencents, meet our challenges and share your eco-friendliness with your friends.
CO2mmon! Be the change!

Stay tuned!

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To join CO2mmon, you just need to download the app on your smartphone, launch it, register by naming the partner (employer or business) and configure your account.

Nothing for you if you are a user. You “pay” by making the right choices from the environmental perspective and by letting us know so we can allocate you the corresponding amount in Greencents.

The Greencent is the native currency of the CO2mmon loyalty system. Greencents are always allocated according to the principle regardless of the sector, activity, product or service: “1 Greencent = reward for 1 kg of non-emitted CO2”. Our main duty is thus to collect and value data in various sectors exclusively and systematically from the environmental perspective.

We selected products and services from our partners which are eco-friendly relatively to the other products and services from their range. For example vegetarian and vegan stuff, mobility services, art performances, package-free products, local products, repairs for your bike etc.

They support us: